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I’m coming back to add a most excellent Halloween image, but that’s all.  I had my very own series of unfortunate events yesterday, and I finally had to give up on trying to post.  I was having issues with my internet at home, so I started using my wifi Hotspot on my iPhone, and lo and behold it bit the dust … apparently that iOS 8.whatever update fried my phone just like it has a bunch of other folks’.  I tried two different local haunts, but they were so crowded, that the wifi was worthless with all of those devices eating up the bandwidth. so I finally gave up, and came home to go to bed.  I was even late getting my first discussion question turned in in my new class, but sometimes, there just isn’t anything that you can do … plans A, B, C, AND D went south, and I didn’t have a plan E.  I suppose that I could have kept trying, but I was still running around at 1:00am trying to find a viable connection, and I was too tired to continue the hunt.  Even if I lost ALL of the points on this discussion, it’s only 18 out of 1000 overall points, so it wouldn’t kill me, but I’m guessing that I will lose only 2 or 3.

New post coming up soon for tonight now that I’m reconnected to the interwebz 🙂



Could I get a vote here on the term “ear worm”?

Other suggestions?

I call it the “Soundtrack of my Life” or sometimes my “Personal Soundtrack” … brain tunes, internal playlist … but most frequently I say that I have a song or tune stuck in my head …

I call it a lot of things, but I HATE the term “ear worm” … I don’t actually hear it in my ears, or relate it’s location to my ears, it feels like it’s playing within my head, and I don’t hear it as if it’s entering from outside, but I always have a song playing … always … all the time. Maybe not when I’m asleep, but if I stop to notice at any point during the day, sho’ nuff – I have a tune playing over, and over, and over, and over, and over … sometimes for a few hours, a day, a week, weeks …

No external sounds are interfered with, as I mentioned it seems to be playing within my head, and “ear worm” is just … EW … remember Khan and that scene with Chekov??? I will never NOT make that association :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Today’s track is … Purple Rain … you’re welcome 😉

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September 24, 2014 at 11:13PM

Who knew?


The truly extraordinary thing about this already extraordinary 3-storey painting is that the reflection painted in the windows is what would actually be reflected in the windows if all of the now larger trees were not blocking the view! #art #amazing #painting #knoxville #ktown


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