This blog will be a record of my journey toward earning a PhD in Performance Psychology while continuing to work full-time, cook/eat healthy, get and stay fit, take care of my children, sleep well, and pursue my love of photography/digital painting and naps.  The degree is not just a degree for me, but also a personal challenge to use what I learn to help me perform at my personal best.  It seems to me that if I expect to become an expert in this area, that my expertise needs to show in all areas of my life:  challenge accepted 🙂

I read recently that rather, or perhaps in addition to, a “to do” list, a person can increase feelings of accomplishment, and even happiness by maintaining a “have done” list.  This blog will be both, and chronicle the before and after of many experiences and achievements gained through the challenging times ahead.

I look forward to sharing the journey, and hope to discover some new friends and kindred spirits by conveying my efforts, successes, and failures here.  Please feel free to comment or contact me, as I love conversation, and look forward to getting to know you!


If you’d like to connect to me anywhere else, you can find me here, there, and (almost) everywhere:

WordPress: eamcallister.wordpress.com,
G+: google.me/+EileenAMcAllister,
Facebook: facebook.com/eileen.a.mcallister,
Twitter: twitter.com/Gandeida,
Instagram: instagram.com/eamcallister,
Tumbler: eamcallister.tumblr.com,
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/eamcallister,
App.net: join.app.net/from/ngfnwghwvk (alpha.app.net/gandeida – I get more storage if you use the 1st link),
500px: 500px.com/eamcallister,
Pinterest: pinterest.com/gandeida,
Delicious: delicious.com/eamcallister,
Diigo: diigo.com/profile/eamcallister,
Meetup: meetup.com/members/39405032,
Ello: ello.co/eileenamcallister


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