Day 43 – Unplugging from the Stream

Tonight was PMP class from 6:00 – 9:00pm after working all day. Kid drama today was finding out that my 15 year old skipped school today … grrrr

On the social media front, I have been elloing like a fool! You can find me there @eileenamcallister – … come join the fun!!!

So this is day 43 of my doctoral journey, and so far things are going well. I made a mistake on an assignment, but the teacher didn’t notice, so I’m certainly not going to point it out. I’ll just consider it a lesson learned, and not do it again.

Today is also day 2 of my favorite month which culminates in my favorite holiday which is the inspiration for the theme of which this post completes day 2 of 31 😀

So here is my second Halloween themed photo:


It’s not great, but it works 😉 I learned a valuable lesson recently, that everything doesn’t have to be perfect … it just has to be good enough, so that’s that.

Have a great night, fellow ‘Pressers, and Ride the Stream while I dream 🙂

#ello #unpluggingfromthestream #goodnight #digitalart #darkness #night #photography #halloweeniscoming #graveyardphotography #eileenshalloweenproject


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