Meetings, agendas, a surprise meeting, homework, COFFEE, conference calls, and caramel corn for dinner!

Posted: 2014-09-03 in Humor, Work
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Today I had four meetings that I could have gone to, but I generally choose not to attend the two morning stand-ups, and we had an impromptu meeting at the end of one of the hour-long meetings, so I ended up in a total of three for the day 🙂

The second meeting this afternoon ended early, but two of the attendees stayed after to help me understand some processes that are new to me. While we were still occupying the conference room, a colleague stopped by to discuss another topic, and so went a very brief but informative meeting three. During the initial second meeting that morphed into the third meeting, we discussed the first meeting of the day which we had all attended as well. The organizer of the second meeting recommended the video (link below), after the craziness of that meeting.

We had close to twenty people in the conference room and on the call, and people were entering without giving their name … or they gave their name too quickly. There were random beeps of joining with no name, atrociously loud typing at some point, a person rubbing burlap or something over their microphone, a speaker who cut in and out with a lot of interference, and it was just ridiculously funny!!!

I pulled up this recommended video after completing my two short assignments and final discussion response for the week (my weeks run Thursday to Wednesday at my new school), and it was so close to our experience this morning, that I am still chuckling 10 minutes later 😀

The only downside to today was that I had too much to do to fix a proper dinner, but eh … it’s only one night …

Next week in class will be a little more difficult, but the weekly meeting with these folks will provide some regular entertainment to relieve the stress!

Until tomorrow …


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