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The Challenges of Today

Every day is today, and every day holds challenges. Today was no different. I had to struggle to get my son to get ready for school, was subsequently late for work, and when I showed up to pick him up, he had gotten a ride with a friend without telling me. Those were some challenges, and I let him know that I was upset with his inconsiderate behavior. To his credit, he apologized for forgetting to call me, and after a short but stern talking to, I let it drop. He’s a good kid, and he tries to do the right thing, so I cut him some slack. He did not, however, do his chores, but I was busy with homework and photo editing and forgot to follow-up. My younger son actually mowed part of the lawn today without being asked, so I’ll call today a victory, because even that small thing is a step forward toward more responsible behavior 🙂

Work was good – we did a panel interview of a new guy who we are going to hire. I liked him a lot, and I think that he’s going to fit in well. I was considering taking a walk to shoot some photos after work since I didn’t get time during the day, but I was rushing to pick up my son when I didn’t need to be, but I didn’t yet know. So that means no new photos today, but still have some from yesterday to work through, and some more from our outing on Friday, but I like to take a few every day. It’s a wonderful form of meditation for me. My entire mind is drawn into the now of finding the most pleasing angle, the best lighting, the full story, but requires little in the way of conscious thought – it’s completely absorbing. It is the closest I come to being completely free of thought or stress … I just exist in the moment with my subject.

My kids have started calling me a Hippie, and you know what … I probably am. All the mindfulness and meditation making it’s comeback was a mainstay of the Hippie movement, but this isn’t rebellion against “The Man” or the restrictions of society, these are methods that have been proven, through countless centuries, to calm the mind, and bring about a fuller and more pleasant existence. I do not always act in the manner to which I aspire, but that’s why I continue to practice, and to improve my behavior and reaction to stress little by little as I go along.

Western science is now proving to those who are still skeptics that meditation has a positive and significant effect on the brain, and that the beneficial effects last beyond the immediate benefits of a meditation session.

My work on these photos afterward is just as relaxing and stress-reducing as the photography itself has proven to be. I become engrossed in the details of the photo, and I can lose hours working on one to the exclusion of all else. I have included one that I took during my walk yesterday, and edited today, and I am happy with the result, both visually and emotionally.

In relation to my courses, I completed two discussion question responses today at lunch, and we have no assignment due this week. I’ve already gotten ahead of the game at work, and tomorrow, I will be able to complete a post to submit next week. I may even be able to crank out two. This was my goal at the beginning of my courses, but life got in the way as per normal. I am now situated to advance rapidly through the last two weeks, though, and start the next course with a solid system in place that incorporates all aspects of my life. My diet is moving more toward Primal daily, and I have been walking with some regularity. Things are leveling out, and I am comfortable with the pace.


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September 30, 2014 at 09:16PM

You can Probably Have One Ready by Halloween 🙂


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September 30, 2014 at 03:20AM

Unplugging from the Stream

One more day until October!  My favorite month with my favorite holiday!!!

I will try to end every day next month with an epic Halloween themed wallpaper … mwahahahaha 😉

Have a great night, fellow +Plussers, and Ride the Stream while I dream 🙂

Image created by shotkal and available here-ish:

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Day 40 – Big Happy Sigh

Happy, because I have had a positive, productive, and fun day! Work was, well, work, but I shared a few laughs and good conversation with folks, and I accomplished a lot. I have my notebook sitting open on my desk ready for me to write my six pages in the morning, and I wrote up a fresh, shiny to do list to start on tomorrow. I usually leave one on my keyboard on Fridays as a memory jog for Monday morning, but I neglected to do so last week as I took an unexpected half day off. I will not do that to myself again. It took me until close to lunch to get my brain wrapped back around my priorities, and I never was able to write my pages today.

This cascaded into preventing me from taking my 11:00am walk with my friend, and caused me to cut my lunch short to prepare for a meeting. The good part was that I did take a walk, camera in hand, on my truncated lunch hour, and I found some lovely little gems to photograph on a seldom-used secluded slice of nature behind my place of work. One of those is shared below.

I took a nap after I got home, completed my homework, and now I am catching up on my self-imposed social media responsibilities. The nap thing is a little difficult to adjust to, but after 6 weeks, my body seems to be adjusting well. The mental aspect is more difficult. My mind gets distressed when I’m up so much later, so that, even though I am getting enough sleep, and have plenty of energy during the day, I start to feel almost panicked after so many years of 1:00am indicating insomnia rather than the norm on a work night.

IMG_2347 copy

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September 29, 2014 at 12:58AM

Unplugging from the Stream

There are those things that money just can't buy.  A beautiful night sky is one of those to be treasured, and remember as you view it, that your view from your perspective is unique in all the universe.

That beautiful view has never before been seen, and never will appear in precisely the same way again, so treasure the moment … every moment 🙂

Have a great night, fellow +Plussers, and Ride the Stream while I dream 🙂

Image created by shotkal and available here:

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‘Ello. ‘ow r u?

Welcome to the Elloverse!


I’m just taking it out for a spin right now, but I’m liking it so far. It’s simple, clean, not yet overcrowded, and I’m having some quality interaction with some interesting new folks who I hope become close contacts, and maybe even friends. I’ve seen an awful lot of speculation about how it can succeed, how it will make money, what its business model is, and I really don’t care. That’s in the future, and in the now – I like it. I like finding friends from other networks, but I’m also connecting with a lot of great people who I would probably have never known otherwise. These relationships that I am forming are going to be much more important to me in the future than whether or not this platform succeeds.

See – many of the fantastic friends who I made on Google+ in its infancy carried over to Facebook, and to Twitter, and to Tumblr, and to real life, and now they are joining Ello. I’m not leaving anyone behind – but I certainly hope to find some more folks to bring into my life in whatever capacity is mutually acceptable and beneficial to us both. If I continue to have the same level of fun and interesting engagement that I’ve had in just my first two days … then I will have an even larger group to move on with if this venture fails, or to add elsewhere as our relationships evolve.

I feel as if I we on Ello are digital nomads, wandering the roads less travelled on the social web, and Ello offers an opportunity to increase our tribe. I have folks on Facebook who will never be anywhere but Facebook, and that’s ok. I know that they are the settlers to whom we wanderers must return periodically with our stories of adventure. They consume our goods, buy our potions, listen with rapt attention to our adventures, and then return to their homes shaking their head in wonder, and perhaps disdain, at our vagabond ways.

But there’s always that one kid who keeps looking back as his father grabs his collar to point him home … the girl who peers wide-eyed over her mother’s shoulder as she walks away … those kids are who we were, and who we are, and we embrace the new adventures offered to us, and we are pulled to run away and join the travelling show, and we are finding each other – more of each other, yet again here on Ello as we did previously on Google+.

And maybe, just maybe, here in this clean interface that pushes us to actually communicate rather than mindlessly incrementing an ambiguous approval indicator, maybe they won’t put up a parking lot …

This …

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